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Did you ever thought that when was the clock invented?

The clock is the instrument that shows us time. Thousand years ago, people used many complicated ways to get time like sundials, Obelisk, Water clocks, hourglasses, and much more.

Today we are using a base-60 time, the clock which runs by incrementing 60 minutes and 60 seconds. The word “clock” was introduced from the French word cloche, which means “bell.”

The question arrives in all minds who are reading about the watches that when was the first clock invented?

Well, the answer is cannot be given in the one line but the first modern clock was founded by the Peter Henlien (Look Smith) in Nuremburg, Germoney in the year 1510. You should read the whole history of timekeeping instruments to understand the history of clock.

Revolution of the Timekeeping Devices or Methods

We should think of it that, when was the first mechanical clock invented? The first mechanical watch created at the start of the 14th century. It was the standard device used to keep time before the invention of the pendulum in 1665.

With time, many devices and ways were introduced. All the significant devices or methods are discussed here. Have a look at the evolution in the world timekeeping ways or tools.


A sundial is used by ancient Egypt invented by the mathematician and astronomer Theodosius of Bithynia ( c. 160 BCE to c. 100 BCE).

Old Sundial Clock

He proclaimed that this is the universal sundial and could be used anywhere on the Earth, and his invention was proven right.


The obelisk is the tall monument which ends up with the pyramid. Egyptian used it as the timekeeping device through its shadow.


They assumed the time according to the shadow in sunlight. Basically, this concept has come from sundials. But think what! Where did they get time at night? Leave the comment below.

Water Clocks

Get the answer to the frequently asked question that, when was the water clock invented? Water clocks are the oldest instrument used in ancient Egypt.

Water Clock

The time is measured by the consistent flow of water inflow or outflow where after the amount of liquid is measured. This bowl-shaped water watch has existed in the 16th century BC at the Babylon and Egypt.

Candle Clocks

Nobody knows that when this time measuring instrument invented. It is mentioned by You Jiangu (AD 520) in his Chinese Poem.

Candle Clock

In a candle clock one thin candle with continuously spaced marking with numbers. When the candle burns, it tells the passage of a period.


It is unclear to tell the exact that from this invention begins. But in the 14th-century hourglass was generalized and seen everywhere when it was used in ships to measure the time.

Glass Clock

An hourglass or sandglass is an instrument used to figure out the time. Two bulbs are attached with a little way present between higher and lower one to allow sand to pass from higher to lower. They analyze the time by the quantity of the sand.

Monastery Clocks and Clock Towers

Pope Sylvester II built the first monastery clock in the year of 996. Many other monks improved, and some of them made some clock tower.

In London’s science museum still running clocks are available which was built by a monk Peter Lightfoot in the 14th century.

Wrist Watch

Do you ever think, Who invents the wristwatch and who wore the first wristwatch? Well, we have answers to your both question.

First Wrist Watch

Peter Henlein invented the first portable timekeeping device in 1504 at Nuremberg Germany. Blaise Pascal the mathematician and philosopher is the person who wears the first wristwatch. He wore his pocket watch with the string on his wrist.

Nowadays we can get any cheap smartwatches quickly, but at that time Simple watches weren’t present.

Pendulum Clock

Pendulum Clock

I know you want to know that when was the pendulum clock invented? Christian Huygens invented the pendulum clock in the year 1656.

Standard Time

Sir Sanford Fleming invents standard time in the year of 1878. It was proven as the revolution in the timekeeping instruments.

Big Ben The Alarm Clock

Big Ben Alarm Clock

When was the alarm clock invented and who did it? The first alarm clock big ben was invented by the Westclox Clock Company. This was the only company who released the patent for Big Ben at that time.

So, This is the revolution of the timekeeping devices or clocks. Before the invention of the clock, it was challenging to measure the exact, We should understand the importance of invention of clock. The clock told us it’s importance in today’s era. We have the best men’s watches available at our watch store you can purchase them at a cheap rate.

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